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Puritan Questions

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Puritan Questions


1. What hardships did the Pilgrims face aboard the Mayflower and in Plymouth? Do you think the Pilgrims were skilled at adapting to unexpected changes? Explain. 


2. Explain how the Pilgrims survived during "The Starving Time." What do Bradford's comments reveal about the Pilgrims?


3. What did Samoset and Squanto accomplish? Explain the effects of their actions on the Pilgrims. Give examples to support your response. 


4. Compare the time of plenty in "The First Thanksgiving" to the Pilgrims situation in "the starving Time". What do you think might have happened to the Pilgrims without Squanto's help?


7. In what ways might Bradford's narrative have meaning for people today? Explain your response. 


8. Do you think that the celebration of Thanksgiving today has a strong connection to the experiences of the Pilgrims on the First Thanksgiving? Explain. 

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