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KAES English III

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On this page you will find our daily agenda as well as links, attachments, and directions that will take you to other pages in order to complete your work.  It is expected, as an Honors student, that you visit this page several times a week.  I may direct you to this site during class using laptops and iPads and/or the day before a class assignment in order to prepare for the following day's lesson.


If you're submitting work electronically please email it to msgay00@gmail.com 


Class Syllabus - click here

Essential Questions- Click here

Extra Credit Essay- Click here 

American Dream Project and Outline


Daily Agenda w/ Links to Assignments
Important Due Dates 
Mon. 4/7 

1. Warm up: Vocab 6 Definitions- Quiz Friday! 

2. Review Huck Finn- Brainstorm possible themes

3.  Literary Criticism Activity for Huck Finn- Due Wed. 4/9

Quiz Wed (FD and HF)
Tues. 4/8

1. Warm up: Work on EQ's

2. Conclude Huck Finn

Wed. 4/9

1. Quiz- Frederick Douglass and Huck Finn

2. Research Earth Day Facts for 5k

Thurs. 4/10

1. Warm up: What thoughts would flash through your mind right before a life or death incident?

2.  Intro- Realist Poetry

3. "Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" and compare points of view

Fri. 4/11

1. Vocab Quiz 6

2. Realistic Women Packet and Lady Book

3. Willa Cather- A Wagner Matinee

4. Kate Chopin- Story of an Hour

HW: Finish packet and short story readings- we will discuss Mon! 
Mon. 4/14

1. Warm up: Work on EQ # 3

2. Discuss Women authors- How did this impact Realism? 

3. London- To Build a Fire

4. Begin to work on Realistic Comparison Chart

5. Romanticism v. Realism

Tues. 4/15 ACT!  
Wed. 4/16

1. Warm up: Realistic Comparison Chart

2.  What necessitates change- Video Clip

3. "The Jungle"- Upton Sinclair- Cold Reading Activity 

Thurs. 4/17

1. Finish Jungle Readings from yesterday

2. Article 1, Sections 8 and 9 of the Constitution and Handout

3. In class Essay- What necessitates change? (Using readings and research from in class)  

Fri. 4/18 Good Friday- No School!  
Mon.  4/21

1. Warm up: Work on Vocab 7-Quiz Fri!

2. Group EQ's

3. Review for Test

Test and EQ's due tom!
Tues. 4/22

Realism Test!

EQ's due!

Wed. 4/23

1. Warm up: Is the American DreamDead or in hiding?

2. Intro- Moderns

3.  Intro- Gatsby

4. Gatsby Chapter 1 

Thurs. 4/22

1. American Dream Work Day (1/2 Class)

2. Finish Gatsby Chapter 1 and do review questions

Vocab Quiz tom!
Fri. 4/23

1. American dream Work Day (1/2 class)

2. Vocab Quiz 7!

3. Gatsby Chapter 2 for hw (E book here)

Mon. 4/28

1. Vocab 8- Quiz Friday! 

2. Read Gatsby Chapter 3- Review Questions

Tues. 4/29

1. Warm up: Invitation Etiquette (KAES Banquet May 6th!)

2. Review Chapters 1-3 of Gatsby- Setting Map

3. Read Chapter 4- Gatsby


Wed. 4/30

1. Warm up: EQ Number 3

2. Read and discuss Chapter 5- Gatsby

3. The Coming of Age- Does this novel fit with the definition?

4. HW: Chapter 6 

Thurs. 5/1

1. Warm up: EQ Number 1

2. Character Analysis Cube- Gatsby

3. Read Chapter 7 &8- Gatsby 

4. Extra Credit Essay- Due NO LATER THAN MAY 23

Vocab Quiz tomorrow! 
Fri. 5/2

1. Vocab Quiz 8 

2. Chapter 9- Gatsby

Mon. 5/5

1. Warm up: EQ #4

2. Discussion Web- Is Gatsby the protagonist?

3. Review for Gatsby Test tomorrow!

Test tomorrow!
Tues. 5/6 Test- The Great Gatsby!  
Wed. 5/7

1. Warm up: Thornton Wilder said of this play:

“Our Town is not offered as a picture of life in a New Hampshire village; or as a speculation about conditions of life after death…It is an attempt to find a value above all price for the smallest events of our daily life.”


Think about your community. On your own piece of paper (it can be the same one as the American Dream response from yesterday), describe the place where you live. What is daily life like? What activities do you and your classmates enjoy? Who are some of the different people—teachers, neighbors, etc.—with whom you come into contact every day. In other words, describe your typical day, including the people, places, events, and activities that are part of an average day.

2. Intro- Our Town

3) Act 1- Finish for hw- Quiz on Friday!

OT Quiz fri!
Thurs. 5/8

1. Warm up: 

2. Our Town Map Activity

3. American Dream Workday

Fri. 5/9

1. OT Quiz- Act I

2. Our Town- Act II

Mon. 5/12

1. Warm up: Work on vocab

2. Vocab 9- Quiz Friday!

3. Our Town- Act II

Tues. 5/13

1. Warm up: EQ #

2. Our Town- Act III

3. Extension Activity- Our Town

Test and EQ's due tomorrow!
Wed. 5/14 Our Town Test and EQ's due! Vocab Quiz Fri!
Thurs. 5/15

1. Warm up: What do you think the following quote means: "The best laid plans of mice and men go awry."

2) American Dream Myth Activity/Intro to OMAM 

3) OMAM Independent Study- due Wed 5/21 

Fri. 5/16

1. Vocab 9 Quiz!

2. OMAM- Independent Study Time 

Mon. 5/19

1. Warm up: Think of the old cliché: “Home is Where the Heart is”.  Do you agree with this statement?  Why or why not?  

2. Of Mice and Men

3. Vocab 10- Quiz Friday (last one!!!)

Vocab quiz Fri!
Tues. 5/20 

1.  Warm up: Describe the relationship between Lennie and George so far. How does the author convey this information to us?

2. OMAM 

Wed. 5/21

1. Warm up:


Thurs. 5/22

OMAM Contract due

Essential Questions due! 

Extra credit due tomorrow!
Fri. 5/23

1. Vocab Quiz 10

2. Sign up for AD Presentations (next week)

3. AD Workday


AD Presentations start on Wed!
Tues. 5/27

1. Exam Review

2. Work on AD Project

AD Presentations start tomorrow!

3rd Quarter Assignments 


 Wed. 1/22 

1. Class Introductions/Syllabus

2. Policies and Procedures Scavenger Hunt

3. In Class Essay- American Dream

4. HW- Read Native American Myths

*Discipline Presentation*

 Signed Syllabus due Mon 1/27

Thurs. 1/23 

1. Warm up: What values/beliefs are evident in our culture?

2. Research CardsNative American Readings

3. Create your own myth about how the world came to be

Fri. 1/24

1. Warm up: What qualities do you think would help a person endure great hardship?

2. Intro- Puritans

3. William Bradford Poem

4. William Bradford-Of Plymouth Plantation, CH. 9,11,12

HW: #'s 4 and 7 on p. 73



Mon. 1/27

1. Warm up: Think about something you own that you treasure. Discuss your feelings if you lost that item? 

2. Vocab 1- Quiz Friday!

3.  Anne Bradstreet"Upon the Burning of Our House", "To My Dear and Loving Husband"

4. Figurative Language- Bradstreet 

5. HW: 4. Read Unit Intro and answer Focus questions- due Wednesday!

Tues 1/28-Fri 1/31 No School- Inclement Weather!   
Mon. 2/3

1. Warm up: When faced with difficulties, how do you typically respond?

2. Focus questions due today! 

3. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God-"Quiz"- due at the end of class! 

4. Guidelines to Ethos, Logos, Pathos

Vocab Quiz tomorrow! 
Tues. 2/4

1. Vocab Quiz 1

2. Warm up: How do you feel when you find yourself in a group of strangers? What does the word stranger mean to you? 

3. Mary Rowlandson- Narrative of her Captivity

4. Rowlandson Essay- due tomorrow!

Essay due tomorrow! 
 Wed. 2/5

1. Warm up:  Write the definition of “crucible” on page 912.  What is it literally, and (most importantly) what has it come to mean?The Crucible depicts a trial, and the circumstances test the character of all persons involved.  Describe a circumstance in which a person’s character might be tested.  What aspect of the person’s character is tested in this situation? Their truthfulness? Resistance to temptation? Loyalty?   What do the person’s actions in this situation reveal about him or her?  What if he or she fails the test? 

2. Intro- Crucible

3. Act I- Crucible- Finish reading for HW, and do questions 1, 5,6,8,9 and 12-15 

Thurs. 2/6

1. Act 1 Review

2. Crucible Journals- Due Wed 2/12

3. Character Webs (in groups)- Predict the role each character will play in this drama. 

4. Act II- Crucible

Fri. 2/7

1. Warm up: Work on EQ #2

2. Bellwork Check

3. Act II- Crucible

HW: Do you think any of the Salem defendants would have been convicted if the standard "Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" had been applied?

Mon. 2/10

1. Warm up: Proctor, Nurse, and Corey's wives have all been lost to the court. What would you do if you were in their shoes?

2. Flaws Group Activity- Acts I and II

3. Read Act III- Read through page 972 for class tomorrow 

4. Vocab 2- Quiz Fri!

Vocab Quiz Fri!

Tues. 2/11

1. Warm up: EQ # 3

2. Act III and IV- Conclude Crucible 

Journals due tomorrow! W
Wed. 2/12- Fri. 2/14 Inclement Weather- No School   
Mon. 2/17

Journals due! 

1. Warm up: What questions do you have about the content on your test?

2. Review for test

3. Work on EQ's

EQ's and test tomorrow!
Tues. 2/18

1. Test (Puritans and Crucible)

2. EQ's due!

3. Intro- American Dream Project- 1st 1/2 due 3/28

Wed. 2/19

1. Warm up: Why do you young people in love sometimes experience conflict with their parents?

2. Reminders:Intro to Shakespeare (first vid only)

3. Iambic Pentameter


5. Read Act 1, A Midsummer Night's Dream

6. ACT Practice- 1/2 class

Vocab Quiz tomorrow! 
Thurs. 2/20

1. Vocab Quiz 2!

2. Midsummer Night's Dream- Active Reading- Act I

3. MSND- Act II-MSND Writing Assignment- Finish for Homework

Fri. 2/21

1. Warm up: Think of a movie or book where the characters have an unusual experience that makes them shake their head and ask, "Did that really happen?" 

2. Midsummer Night's Dream- Acts 3 and 4

3. Group Activity- Flat v. Round Characters

4. Response Questions- Act 3- Finish for homework

 MSND Quiz- Tues!
Mon. 2/24

1. Warm up: EQ #2

2. MSND- Act V

3. Film Interpretations

4. Vocab 3- Quiz Friday

Vocab Quiz 3 Fri!

MSND Quiz- Tomorrow!

Tues. 2/25

1. MSND Quiz!

2. Warm up: Create a word web with the word "Freedom" at the center. What does personal/national freedom mean to you? 

3. Intro- Age of Reason

4. Declaration of Independence- Author's Purpose- Was it to declare war or declare independence (Finish for homework) 

Wed. 2/26

1. Warm up: What is one freedom you couldn't live without?

2. Bill of Rights- Compare and Contrast with British BOR

3. ACT Practice Essay- Finish for hw

4. AD Outline- due 3/28

Thurs. 2/27

1. Warm up: Give an example of when you've appealed to someone for something you've wanted. 

2. Review- Ethos, Logos, Pathos

3. "The Crisis"- Thomas Paine (Review Questions p. 158)

4. Emotional Appeals- Writing Activity (p. 159) 

Quiz tomorrow! 
Fri. 2/28

1. Vocab Quiz!

2. Warm up: Choose a favorite saying and explain why it is effective. (Bellwork Check today!)

3. Poor Richard's Almanack (p. 134-135)

4. Dichos- Americo Paredes (p. 139)- Compare with PRA

HW: Patrick Henry's Speech- Virginia Convention- p. 147

ACT- Tues!

US Docs Quiz Wed!

EQ's due Wed!! 

Mon. 3/3

1. Warm up: Would you risk your life to preserve any of your freedoms?

2. Vocab 4- Quiz Thurs!

3. Review Patrick Henry

4. Preamble

Vocab quiz thurs!
Tues. 3/4 Inclement Weather! Documents quiz tomorrow!
Wed. 3/5

 US Documents quiz/EQ's due

Thurs. 3/6

Class Reigstration


Quiz postponed to next class! 
Fri. 3/7 SBLE!   
Mon. 3/10

1. Vocab Quiz

2.  Intro to Romanticism

3. Annotating texts

4. Watch the following videos for next class: 



Extreme Alliteration



5. HW- Read Poetry by Longfellow, Homes, and Lowell (Textbook)

Tues. 3/11

1. Warm up: Share out poetry homework 

2. Intro- Edgar Allan Poe

3. "The Raven" 

3. "The Bells"

"Bells HW"  

Wed. 3/12

1. Warm up: How do you behave when you feel guilty about something? 

2. "The Minister's Black Veil" 

HW: Does the minister's decision to wear the veil bring more insight to others or give insight to himself? Use textual evidence to respond. 

Thurs. 3/13

1. Warm up: What is the importance of solitude?

2. Intro to Transcendentalism

3. Nature and Walden- (Intro video) 

HW: Read "Self- Reliance"

Fri. 3/14

1. Warm up: Transcendalist Graphic Organizer

2. Discuss Transcendental Thoughts

3) Transcendentalism Mini Project- due Mon!

Mini Project due Mon! 
Mon. 3/17

1. Warm up: Share Projects

2. "Civil Disobedience- Connections to Modern Culture- Ghandi and MLK 

3. Work on EQ's 

Tues. 3/18 Inclement Weather Test Thurs!/EQ's due!
Wed. 3/19

1. Warm up:What type of things do we typically put in lists?

2. Whitman- "I hear America Singing"

3.Create your own list poem

4. Emily Dickinson Poems- Success is Counted Sweetest and Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Thurs. 3/20 Test/EQ's due  
Fri. 3/21

1. Warm up: Do you agree with the saying knowledge is power?

2. Intro- Frederick Douglass

3. From My Bondage and my Freedom (pp. 328-334) 

HW: Huck Finn Article

Mon. 3/24

Compost/5K Workday

Vocab 5- Quiz Friday!

Tues. 3/25

1. Warm up: What do you think it means to be civilized?

2. Discussion of articles (From Fri)

3. Intro to Huck Finn

4. Read Huck Finn- Chapters 1-5 (Finish for homework!)

Wed. 3/26

1. Warm up: Are you superstitious?  In what way(s)?  What function does superstition serve in your life?

2. Huck Finn- Chapters 6-11

3. American Dream Project Workday

Thurs. 3/27

1. Literature Groups: Nature plays an important role in Huck's life. Find passages in chapters 1-11 in which Huck describes nature/natural elements. What meanings do these have for Huck? 

2. ICR: Analyze Huck's relationships, particularly with Jim. 

3. Huck Finn- Chapters 12-15. (Whatever you don't finish is homework!)

1/2 American Dream Project due tom!


Vocab Quiz tom!

Fri. 3/28

1. Vocab Quiz 5!

2. AD outline due!

3. KAES 5K Workday/Promotion!



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