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Quarter 1- Paideia

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Daily Agenda w/ Links to Assignments
Important Due Dates 

Mon. 8/26 A/B

1. Syllabus (Mine and Ms. Doyle's)

2. Letter from Last Year's Paideia Students

3. Seminar Introduction

Tues. 8/27 A/B 

1. Discipline Presentation

2.Technology Set Up (Twitter, Google Drive, QR Codes, Online Textbook)

3. Seminar Preparation - Document Analysis and create t-chart in groups

Click here for Seminar Docs

I.) What arguments are made for same sex schools?

II.) What evidence is there to support the pros/cons of same gender schools?

III) Choose a side and select 3 arguments (with evidence) for your choice of an educational setting.

IV) How do same sex schools impact the culture in a school setting?

Weds 8/28 A

1. Seminar for 1/2 period

2. Begin unit 1: Foundations for English- Lit Term Review

3. Vocab List 1

Vocab Sentences/Quiz- 9/9 
Thurs. 8/29 B

1. Bell Ringer- What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done? 

2. Explanation of handouts/due dates/EQ's

3. Unit 1: Foundations for English- Lit Term Review

4. Vocab List 1

5. Intro- "Most Dangerous Game"

Vocab Sentences/Quiz 9/10 

Fri 8/30 A


1. Bell Ringer- What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done? 

2. "Most Dangerous Game" 

3. Discuss 4 types of Conflict

Signed Syllabus due!
Tues 9/3 B

1. Bell Ringer- Write a paragraph of suspenseful action.

2. "Most Dangerous Game"- Discuss Types of Conflict

3. Language Lesson

Signed Syllabus due!


& Thurs 9/4-9/5

1. Bell Ringer: Use 5 vocab words of your choice to tell me about your weekend plans.

2. Library Orientation- 1/2 Class

3. "Most Dangerous Game"- Finish reading the story for homework!

Vocab Quiz/sentences due next class! 


HW: FInish story!


Mon. 9/9 A

& Tues 9/10 B

1. Vocab Quiz 1/Check Sentences/ Check Binders

2. MDG Verdict/Discuss 

Vocab Quiz/Sentences due!

Binder Check! 

Wed. 9/11 A 

& Thurs 9/12 B

1. Present MDG Projects!

2. Vocab 2- Quiz 9/23 and 9/24

Vocab Quiz 2- 9/23 and 9/24 

Fri. 9/13 A

& Mon 9/16 B

1. Bell Ringer: When was a time in your life you tried to accomplish something, but an outside force kept you from doing it?

2. Intro- "The Odyssey"

3. Invocation to the Muse Activity and Grecian Urn Activity

HW:  Finish Grecian URN Sheet

Tues. 9/17 A &

Wed. 9/18 B 

1. Bell Ringer: What does hero mean to you? Describe a hero.

2. The Hero's Journey

3. Read The Odyssey- "Sailing from Troy" and "The Lotus Eaters" 

4. Where I'm From Assignment

Where I'm From- Due 9/23 & 9/24 

Thurs 9/19 A &

Fri 9/20 B

1. Bell Ringer: Write a paragraph using the following vocab words: 

(corroborate, exasperate, juxtapose, sage, vacuous, volatile, histrionic, scrutinize)

2. Close Reading of "The Cyclops" (Groups)

3. Group Presentations

Vocab Quiz/Binder Check Next class! 


"Where I'm from" poem due next class!

Mon 9/23 A &

Tues 9/24 B

1. Vocab Quiz 2/Binder Check

2. Share out- "Where I'm From" Poems

3. Group Presentations- Close Reading of "The Cyclops" (Groups)

HW: Finish reading "The Cyclops"


Wed. 9/25 A &

Thurs. 9/26 B

1. Bell Ringer: What do you notice from the Odyssey so far that you see in pop culture (Films, etc)

2. Group Presentations- Close Reading of "The Cyclops" (Groups)

3. Compare and Contrast the Cyclops scene with film

4. In Class Essay- due 9/27 & 9/30

5. Vocab 3- Assignment due 10/9 and 10/10

Essay due next class! 

Fri. 9/27 A 

1. Warm up: If you had to create a # for the Odyssey what would it be?

2. Read "The Land of the Dead" and do the review questions 

3. Project Handout- Narrative Writing Portfolio- due 10/21

Narrative Portfolio due 10/21 
Mon. 9/30 B 

1. Warm up: If you had to create a # for the Odyssey what would it be?

2. "The Land of the Dead"- Read in groups and note heroic activity (look back over notes if needed)

3. Read "The Sirens"- Write your own Siren Song- due Wed

4. Project- Narrative Writing Portfolio- due 10/21

Narrative Portfolio due 10/22
Tues. 10/1 A

1. Warm up: Is Odysseus a hero? Or is he just a man that tries to do everything himself?

2.  Read pp. 975-987 in "The Odyssey" and do #'s 5-6 on p. 988

3. Write your own Siren Song- due Thurs

Artifact due Thursday! 

Wed. 10/2 B

1. Warm up: Make an illustrated travelogue that follows Odysseus' journey home. Use these questions to help you: 1) Whom did Odysseus and his men encounter? What challenges did they encounter? How did they end their visit? 

2. CORE Activity

3. Share Siren Songs

4. Scylla and Charybdis 

Artifact due Friday! 
Thurs. 10/3 A & Fri 10/4

1. Warm up: The Odyssey has always been considered an important work. Why do you think Western culture has valued this epic? 

2. Group Discussion- Conclude Part 1

3. Begin Part 2 of The Odyssey

4. Discuss Artifacts- Personal Narrative Portfolio  

Artifact due today! 
Mon. 10/7 A Tues. 10/8 B

1. Warm up: If you were Penelope, how would you react to Odysseus coming home? 

2. The Odyssey- Read The Suitors and Penelope

3. Penelope Letter- due next class 

Penelope letter due next class! 


Vocab Quiz next class!

Wed. 10/9 A

Thurs. 10/10 B

1.Vocab Quiz 3/Assignment due/Binder Check 

2. Core Activity


Memory Square due next class! 

Fri. 10/11 A 


1. Warm up: How do you think Odysseus will get revenge? Write your own ending of the story. 

2. Read- Challenge, Revenge and Test 

3. Present Memory Squares! 

Rough Draft due next class!
Mon. 10/14 B

1. Warm up: Write an alternate ending to the Odyssey

2. Go over EQ's for Unit 1

3. Review for test

4. Present Memory Square! 

Rough Draft due next class! 

Tues. 10/15 A&

Wed. 10/16 B

1. Warm up- What do you need to know for your test? 

2. Test Review

3. Rough Draft due!- Writing Conferences

4. Link for text

Test next class! 

EQ's due next class! 

Thurs. 10/17 A 

& Fri. 10/18 B

1. Unit 1 Test! 

2. EQ's Due! 

Personal Narrative Portfolio due next class!

Mon. 10/21 A

& Tues. 10/22 B

1. Personal Narrative Portfolios due! 

2. Warm up: Unit Folders 

3. 4 Square Pass: White Man's Burden

4. Tabletop Twitter- Black Man's Burden


Wed. 10/23 A& Thurs. 10/24 B

1. Warm up: What would your "burden" be if you had to write one? 

2. Vocab 4- Quiz on 11/1 &11/4

3. Poor Man's Burden

4. Parodies- Write your own "White Man's Burden- due at end of class! 

Fri. 10/25 A

1. Warm up: Suspense

2. Read The Cask of Amontillado

3. Literary Analysis- Foreshadowing  



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