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Necklace Questions

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Questions for "The Necklace" (These can be found on page 302 in the Literature book)


1. Respond: Do you feel sorry for Madame Loisel at the end of the story? Why or why not? 


4. Interpret: How does Madame Loisel change over the ten years as she works to pay off the cost of the necklace? 

Draw Conclusions: What causes her to change?


5. Analyze: What message do you think the surprise ending about the necklace's actual value expresses? Explain. 


8. Use a chart like the one shown to analyze cause and effect in this story. 

a) Note two causes for Madame Loisel's decision to borrow the necklace from Madame Forestier.

b) List three effects of this decision. 



Causes > She borrows the necklace > Effects 


9. Does Madame Loisel cause her own suffering? Explain your answer. 

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