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Scavenger Hunt Group 4

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Policies and Procedures Scavenger Hunt 

Group 4


Follow these directions exactly to correctly complete the Scavenger Hunt! If the direction requires you to record an answer, please record it on your sheet for the group. 


1. Go to the window and get a box of supplies for your table.  


2. Locate the student station in the room. What supplies are located here? 


3. Locate where the bins are for each of my classes if you need to turn something in from an absence. Where is this location? 


4. Locate the essential questions for your class. What is our first essential question? 


5. Locate the sheet in the room that has my contact information. What day can I stay after school for tutoring? 


6. At the end of class each day, you will need to straighten your desk, push in your chair, and throw away any trash. Have each member stand up, push in your chairs, and straighten your area. When all members have done this, come see me and I will initial your sheet. 


7. Locate the absent bin for your class on the windowsill. Get enough handouts for your group out of the folder labeled 23. 

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