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Unit 1 Daily Activities

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Day 1 Writing Assignment


Acrostic Poem Instructions- Create a poem using your name as an acrostic. 


Today you will be creating a digital postcard using your acrostic poem. Follow these directions!


1)       Open the Photocard app on your IPad. You may have to search for it (You can do this by scrolling all the way to the left).


2)      When it asks for a log in, you may either create one using your own email address, or you may use my class e-mail (username: msgay00@gmail.com, password: khs2012).


3)      Once you open the app, a postcard will appear. Enter the text of your poem on the bottom half. You may change the font, size, etc to make it more creative.


4)      On the top of the postcard, change the photo to make the picture more representative of your poem. You have 2 options:

a)      You may choose from one of the stock photos in the photocard app (you can change the photo by scrolling through the app and selecting one of the nature photos).

b)      Or, you may choose your own photo. You may take a photo of an object or person in the room. Or, you may search for an appropriate picture on the internet and save that picture to the IPad. Once you have done that you may input that picture to your postcard. (Step by step directions for this are listed below).


5)      When finished, you will need to email your postcard to me (msgay00@gmail.com). Choose the actions button in the bottom right hand corner of the app. Select Send card to” and choose the email button and enter my address.



How to save a picture from the internet:

1)       Once you have found the picture you want to use, select the arrow button and save the picture. The picture will automatically go to into My Pictures.

2)      When you get back to your postcard, select my photos and then choose from album. Your picture will be saved in the camera roll.

Click here for examples.



Day 2- Review of Literary Terms


  • Point of view
  • Tone
  • Theme
  • Irony
  • Setting
  • Dialogue
  • Plot
  • Description
  • Diction
  • Characterization
  • Figurative Language


The Sniper- Wednesday 9/5 and Thursday 9/6 


View this prezi to get an introduction to The Sniper.



9/19 and 9/20


If you need to read the full text of "The Necklace", click here.


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