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English Test 5

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English Test 5


It used to be that when people wanted to see a


scary movie they could choose from films such as


Dracula and Frankenstein. But these classic monster


movies, with some exceptions, has been replaced by a


different breed of horror film the slasher movie. It is


interesting and perhaps somewhat disturbing to examine


what such changes in taste may indicate about some of


the values at work in our nation.


First: commercially successful low-budget


chiller was Halloween, and in its wake psycho-slasher


films have the movie market glutted. The formula for


these movies consists of the serial murder of teenagers


by a ruthless psychotic, with some humor thrown in. The


fact of the matter being that the popularity of the series


of Friday the Thirteenth movies and their hundreds of


silly imitators indicates that there is a huge market for


such portrayals of random violence. Indeed, filmgoers


appear to cast their votes for more and more graphic


forms of violence. As a result, filmmakers—those who


actually made films—generate increasing gory

6 7



As a result of this trend, slasher films now


represent mainstream Hollywood movies. Once limited



only to the periphery (fringe) of the movie industry, the


exploitation of gore has become a major box office


attraction. Older slasher films such as Psycho actually


seem like classics in comparison. Now they’re many


high grossing franchises that produce countless sequels


like Halloween 20: H2O. These movies have made a big


wad of cash! [#11]


Although the popularity of such films has


declined somewhat as their novelty has worn off.


However, they remain a standard feature of the yearly


production schedule. Even many high-budget films have


adopted the slasher formula of chills and violence. More


recent films, such as Scream, examine the slasher


movie’s formulaic conventions, while the Scary Movie


series plays them for laughs. Are these movies a means


of harmless fun? Are they a reflection of an increasingly


and ever more violent society? Or do such movies


encourage violence? Considering the great changes both


within the movie industry and in public (human) taste,


these are questions that we must begin to consider. [#15]


  1. Question 1

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. have been replaced

    3. were being replaced

    4. replaced



  1. Question 2

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. film, which is the

    3. film: the

    4. film known, as the


  1. Question 3

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. First;

    3. The first

    4. First—


  1. Question 4

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. (Place after have)

    3. (Place after movie)

    4. (Place after wake)


  1. Question 5

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. The fact of the matter being

    3. The popularity

    4. Factually speaking, in terms of popularity,


  1. Question 6

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. –those making the films, actually

    3. (which are the people making the films)

    4. OMIT the underlined portion.


  1. Question 7

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. increasing, gory,

    3. increasingly full of gore,

    4. increasingly gory


  1. Question 8

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. trend:

    3. trend—

    4. —trend—


  1. Question 9

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. periphery

    3. periphery (that is, the fringe)

    4. periphery, fringe,



  1. Question 10

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. they are

    3. there’s

    4. there are


  1. Is the final sentence of this paragraph appropriate?

    1. No, because it is irrelevant to the topic.

    2. No, because its reference to money, while relevant to the topic, is inappropriate in tone.

    3. Yes, because the exclamation with which the sentence ends heightens the drama.

    4. Yes, because it clarifies the preceding sentence.


  1. Question 12

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. off, and they

    3. off, so they

    4. off, they


  1. Question 13

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. more, and more, and more violent society

    3. increasingly violent society

    4. increasingly violent society, with anger and blood


  1. Question 14

    1. NO CHANGE

    2. public, and human

    3. public

    4. human’s


  1. How can this essay best be described?

    1. The tone is serious; the purpose is to point out a significant change in entertainment.

    2. the tone is lighthearted; the purpose is to recommend a new form of entertainment.

    3. The tone is sarcastic; the purpose is to show how contemporary movies lack value.

    4. The tone is harsh; the purpose is to urge people not to attend slasher films.


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