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Vocab 1

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Vocabulary Lesson 1

1. apocryphal –   Of dubious authenticity or origin
2. arcane –   Understood by only a few; mysterious
3. convene –  1.to summon or cause to assemble. 2. To gather or assemble; to meet formally. 

4. expedient - 1. useful for some purpose, convenient. 2. Concerned primarily or exclusively with serving one’s own interests.
                              n. A means employed to bring about a certain result.
5. exude –  1.To flow out slowly, to ooze or emit. 2.To give forth; to exhibit in abundance.

6. gesticulate – v. To motion energetically with the body or limbs. n. gesticulation


7. imperturbable – adj. Calm and assured.


8. increment – n. An increase, addition or gain, often by regular, consecutive amounts.

          adj. incremental


9. levity – n. Excessive frivolity; a lack of seriousness; joking.


10.  mortify – v. To embarrass or humiliate.
11.  periphery – n. The area around the edges; the outermost part.
         adj. peripheral
12.  raconteur – n. One who tells stories with skill and wit.
13.  reiterate – v. To say or do over again; to repeat.
14.  subterfuge – n. A deceptive scheme or strategy.
15.  vacillate – v. 1. To move back and forth from lack of balance; waver. 2. To alternate indecisively between opinions or courses of action.


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