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ACT Notes and Practice Group 5

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Day 21- 3 Step Method for English 


Step 1: Does this stuff belong here?

If the answer is no, choose the answer that gets ride of it

If the answer is yes, move on to:

Step 2: Does this stuff make sense?

If the answer is no, select the choice that turns nonsense into sense.

If the answer is yes, move on to:

Step 3: Does this stuff sound like English?

Choose the answer that corrects the error and makes the sentence sound right


Day 22- Two Pass Plan for Math


First Pass

Examine each problem in order

Do every problem you understand

Don’t skip too hastily

Never spend more than a minute on any question in the first pass

First pass should take about 45 minutes

Second Pass

Use last 15 minutes to go back to the questions that stumped you the first time

Work by process of elimination if you are still stumped

Select an answer for every question, even if it’s just a blind guess.



Day 23- 5 Steps for ACT Reading

Step 2: Consider the Question Stem

Don’t let the answer choices direct your thinking

Test makers intentionally design the answers to confuse you

Think about the question without looking at the answer choices

You probably won’t be able to remember exactly what the passage said about the matter in question, so…

Refer to the passage


Day 24- 5 Steps for ACT Science


Step 3: Refer to the Passage

Prereading should have given you an idea of where particular kinds of data can be found

Sometimes questions will direct you to the right place in the passage

Don’t’ mix up units when taking info from graphs, tables, and summaries

Many questions will hinge on whether you can correctly identify the factors that decrease and the ones that increase



Day 25- 4 Step Method for the Essay

Step 1: Pause to Know the Prompt

Know the general directions – always the same, so be familiar with them BEFORE the test

Answer the question

There is no right or wrong answer

Just choose a position

Back up your position with reasoning and examples

Use key words from the prompt in your essay



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