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Discipline Policies

Page history last edited by Anna Gay 11 years, 9 months ago

Discipline Policies


You have the RIGHT to:

1)A safe and comfortable classroom environment (physically and emotionally).

2)Be respected by both your peers and your teacher.

3)A safe and comfortable classroom to share your ideas and opinions.


You have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

1)Be respectful of your  peers’ ideas, opinions, and personal belongings.

2)Be on time and prepared for each class.

3)Help keep our classroom a safe and comfortable learning environment.

4)Make up any and all missed work and/or assessments in the time frame designated.


Knightdale High School Discipline Policy

At Knightdale High School, we follow the 3-strikes policy in the classroom. Students receive warnings for the first 2 disruptions. If students are then involved in a 3rddisruption, the teacher calls the ISD room to have an administrator come and remove the student from class. Any student who is involved in a severe disruption or infraction will be removed from class immediately.


NEW Hall Pass Policy

Each student will be issued an official hall pass with his or her name and ID# on it. Students are responsible for keeping track of this hall pass. Students will be allowed to use the hall pass for time per class, per semester. Once students have used all 4 passes for a class, they will no longer be allowed to leave that class. Any medical conditions or special circumstances that require extra trips to the bathroom or frequent departures from the classroom must be documented and approved by the main office.


NEW Tardy Policy

This year KHS is implementing what we call the “Sweep and Keep” tardy policy. When the tardy bell rings, teachers have been instructed to shut their classroom doors. Students who are late to class will be “swept” from the halls and taken to the ISD room, 1613. Students will remain in ISD for the entire period. Students can access assignments for this class on the class website: http://agaykhs.pbworks.com.


Ms. Gay's Classroom Rules


  1. Speak only when it is appropriate, using only appropriate language.

Students who frequently speak out of turn by either interrupting the teacher or other classmates, talking during a test or quiz, or engage in side-conversations while supposed to be listening or working on an activity do not receive all of the information that is necessary to be successful in the class. In addition, these students are infringing upon the rights of their classmates.

  1. Remain in your seat at all times unless instructed otherwise.

Problems can arise when students are frequently out of their seats. Sharpening pencils, throwing away trash, turning in papers, or leaving the classroom to use the restroom should only be done at appropriate times, not in the middle of instruction.

  1. Keep electronic devices out of sight.

As per WAKE COUNTY POLICY, electronic devices are NOT allowed in the classroom unless instructed by the teacher. 1 request will be made by the teacher for the student to hand over the device. If handed over, the device will be secured in the classroom until it can be turned into the office by the end of the day. A parent must then pick up the device. If the request to hand over the device is refused, an administrator will be involved and further action will be taken.


*SEVERITY CLAUSE: Any severe disruption or infraction will result in immediate removal from class.


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